Cool Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Designs Providing Function in Style

By | September 10, 2022
Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

It goes without saying that the presence of bathroom cabinet is really essential. Today, we will take you to see some cool and inspiring bathroom cabinet designs installed over bathroom vanity showing incredible details. They are the bathroom mirror cabinet designs that can help you keeping the vanity from clutter while showing intriguing look for improvement in appearance. Well, without further due, let’s check them out!

The simplest form of mirror cabinet you may have seen often is the use of mirror front for the bathroom cabinet. The mounted bathroom vanity cabinet is especially popular in use for a small bathroom as homeowner may want to have the room clean and less bulky. You can simply go for the simple rectangular vanity mirror with bathroom cabinet perfectly tucked behind to suit the clean and minimalist modern bathroom interior design. However, it does not mean uniquely shaped mirror cannot serve the same versatility and practicality.

This ultra-minimalist bathroom in white interior is our most favorite design idea. The brilliant choice of mirror for bathroom vanity backsplash blends seamlessly with the mirror cabinet installed over the vanity top. For another brilliant idea like this, you may want to notice this cool white bathroom interior. The overhead bathroom cabinets with mirror fronts are matched with large, frameless mirror installed beneath the cabinet to create a large mirror you can use to check your outfit.

Last but not least, we have kept this one as the last since the design is truly simple yet extremely practical. Rather than installing only mirror cabinet front, this one prefers to have another for the inner side. This way, you will find it truly practical in use since you may not have to mess up everything inside the cabinet only to find your toothpaste or face cleanser that is tucked to the corner—the mirror inside can help you. Well, to add more twist, the bathroom mirror cabinet with lights will be a great choice for this.

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