Two Simple Ways for Blasting Accent Wall Ideas

By | January 3, 2023
Accent Wall Ideas

Having your wall to be painted in accent wall ideas will give you the benefit of either making a bold contrast in your room or giving the dimension in your interior design. As you have the wall that has different color with the rest of the walls, you need to select the color palette. You need to buy at least two coats although the area is quite smaller. Adequate amount of paint will not make you reduce the quality of the paint and make the color to be standout.

Then, you need to think about the paint finishing. You need to consider how you will make your room. If your room will be formal, you need an elegant matte or eggshell finish for your paint. Conversely, if you want to have more casual look, you can choose satin or semi gloss finish for your wall paint.

Choosing the color in accent wall color combination is quite easy. You can do this with two basic ways. First, you can try to mix two neutral colors. It is the safest idea that you can use as neutral color can suit well. Yet if you use the accent wall in a small room, you can choose the light color to enlarge your room.

The other way on how to choose an accent wall is by using the contrast technique. Contrasting is a common idea that you can use by choosing two colors that has opposite position in the color wheel. Using a contrast idea will make your accent wall to be more obvious because the color has opposite spectrum with the rest color and it will create a nice view of color. Yet if you want to combine the other color, you can try using the color you want in the smaller furniture or accessories and see whether the combination is attractive or not and it can help you to choose the color for your accent wall.

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